Hey –remember when you used highlighters and wrote notes all over your books? That may seem like a thing of the past, but in our endless search to find up-and-coming social media platforms, we’ve found a librarian’s dream. Diigo lets you take notes right on the internet – digital highlighter and all!

What’s Diigo All About?

Diigo is a digital library tool that allows you to research and annotate web pages – kinda like taking notes on the internet with a highlighter, tabs, and even sticky notes. Cool, right?!

You can search anything on the internet, and then right from whatever website you land on, you can highlight, copy, and paste within the program. Diigo is accessible anywhere, from mobile apps on tablets and smartphones to desktops and PCs to ensure you have your information wherever you happen to need it.

Diigo users can even save anything directly on the cloud. See something on Wikipedia you want to send to your teacher? Highlight and save it instantly. Screenshots, annotation, links, pictures, and pretty much anything you can get your digital hands on.(You may have a tougher time convincing your teacher that your dog ate your homework…)

Sharing Is Caring

This program also allows a ton of sharing. And I mean a TON. And with regulated privacy settings, you can even choose who sees your stuff, meaning you can share notes or keep your highlights together for a private quotation “scrapbook.” Diigo also makes private online bookmarking an absolute cinch!

Using Diigo for Social Marketing

Diigo has a LOT of potential for SMM. Toolbar features make it simple to navigate through various social media platforms: marking, highlighting, and saving items to pull one idea into another. It organizes online content like images, video, and quotes for easy placement on social groups within the platform. Allowing for private or community bookmarking, it can be the jack-of-all-trades for your next SM campaign.

Who’s Gonna Want This Program?

We know how important it is not to miss out on SM opportunities. Diigo is marketing this tool to those of us who love (or hate) online research. It can be used to create reports in a business setting or in the classroom (one of its biggest perks) and is a great tool for online researchers, teachers, and management.

The Kinks in the Works

The program is pretty simple to use, but there are a few issues. Diigo requires an additional web browser extension to use it, which means another program slowing down your loading times. Uploading videos is also difficult without a link, and (gasp!) the highlighter tool has a cap on word count. Other than that, it’s golden!!


How would you use Diigo? Please share in the comments!

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