Everybody loves a formal event, right? You should love the idea of having one for generating leads on your website, too!!

If you haven’t realized, I’m talking about sign-up forms here, which you have most likely already encountered by visiting this very website. Hopefully that means you’ve already subscribed to my blog (if not, please do so with the pop-up or with the simple form to the right!!) – and if you have… See? It works!

How Form Subscriptions Work

Specifically, I’m referring to pop-up forms here because that’s what I use, but you can use embedded forms, too.

Basically a form gives your visitors “free” access to something for the price of their email addresses. In the case of blog subscriptions, it’s the exact exchange they’re looking for so they can get updates to their inboxes.

In the case of access forms, you tell visitors they can, say, download and read your e-book by entering their contact info (if this is you, see these free e-book template downloads!).Or, like my good friend Rene’ Dell’Acqua, you can use a contest subscription marketing campaign. Peruse her site for a moment and you’ll see a pop-up for monthly drawings.

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Why Form Subscription Leads Work

People love free stuff, and an email address is a small price to pay for free stuff (is it really free, then?!). In fact, lots of brands offer perks for sign-ups: Pottery Barn gives you $10 off, Horchow gives you a 20% discount, and Accessory Fanatic gives you a discount AND a drawing.

Would you sign up for a mailing list for all that? I would!

This is beautiful because you are getting REALLY targeted traffic. First of all, you’re getting the contact information of someone who is already on your site, meaning you can email market to people who are already interested in your brand.

Second, not only are these leads already interested, they have EXPRESSED interest by taking action and signing up. These are the most interested of the most interested, the market with the least probability of bouncing and the highest probability of conversion.

Form Lead Generation Campaigns

My favorite subscription management system is Feed Burner. They’re simple, effective, and one of the most popular ones out there.

Pop-up forms are a bit trickier. To get a good one, you’ll need custom images and an experienced developer, most likely. Look for something that catches the eye, and use copy that captivates while letting people know what they’re signing up for. Then design a specific campaign for your signups, such as free e-book offers, discounts, promotions, or even just insider access to updates.

Now go get formal!!


How do you use forms for generating leads? Dish some tips below!

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