Marketing is as marketing does… blah, blah blah. When you’re done with tired old marketing on Facebook, it’s time to glamorize and accessorize your brand. It dawned on me the other day that many of us primp our personal Facebook profile daily, but leave our business pages more boring than a whitewashed wall. Put some Vegas glitz and glam on that plain Jane page to create something that begs those likes, those shares, and those hip and happening comments. Here’s how to market (I call it glamorize) your business Facebook page.

A Long, Hard Look

Creating a business page may require a look at your brand.

What does it have to offer?

What makes it unique?

You’ve gotta find that brand content that’s going to make users interact with your profile. Without fans in the stands, you’re playing for an empty crowd!!

Sell It HERE

Fans of your business page will expect a little selling. Post news articles related to your brand. Quick memes and quirky posts are free game. While we still don’t suggest you post “Buy this HERE!” you can create the need for your brand on relevant terms.

Be Your Own Cheerleader

Get out your virtual pom-poms, here. If you want to become a Facebook leader, turn yourself into that peppy cheerleader everybody loves. If you don’t cheer for your team, why expect anyone else to? Your voice should be positive and professional, no pictures of breakfast and complaints about traffic that morning. Save that for your personal page.

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Links and Likes

One thing I’ve seen often is a lack of cross-referencing. Your business Facebook page should regularly post links back to your website and blogs. This creates traffic that will help with those pesky analytics we Social Media-ers are so crazy about.

Images and Graphics

We live in a visual world. Short text and a big, branded image is just what the doctor ordered for a Facebook business page. With all the sharing going around these days, it shouldn’t be hard to find relevant memes and comics that will grab the attention you deserve. People like instant gratification, and nothing is more instantly gratifying than a funny (yet relevant) pic.

Facebook is an extension of YOU. Check out some tips on Facebook advertising 101 that will help you glam up your page and bring in the fans.  It’ll put you on par with the most glamorous of profiles, and believe me, they can get pretty snazzy if you let ‘em.

How do YOU like your Facebook business page? What else could you see working for a glam page?

Join me for a wild ride!

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