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Christi Tasker

Christi Tasker

Award-Winning Tech Exec & Social Media Expert Seen On NBC News

Globally recognized as one of the first females in technology, Christi’s first won awards for interior design & retailing. As a digital media marketing motivational speaker & analytical creative brand director, Christi Tasker specializes in merging technology with human interactions to universally create better consumer experiences. Shop Christi Tasker see her Travel Tips & Best Interior Design Blogs. View her branding work on our sister company site Tasker Agency.

How To Save Your Small Business & Reduce Expenses In The COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Shutdown

You are not in this Coronavirus shutdown pandemic alone! One consulting call after another consulting call, all small business owners are asking, “Christi, how can I save my business over this Coronavirus shutdown?”  Genuinely, I want to help ALL small businesses save themselves. Back in the 9/11 crisis and the economic breakdown of 2007/2008, I wish someone had compiled a list like this for me. What type of list? A plan that you can follow to make it through the hardship.

The Christi Tasker Economic Recovery Plan For Small Businesses

While each small business is different, no matter what kind of business you’re in, my free business economic recovery plan will help you in some way. I promise there are things you probably have not thought about or used. I will be updating this plan daily so you may want to bookmark this page or pin an image or two to your Pinterest boards in case you want to reference it later.

What Questions Will The Christi Tasker Economic Recovery Plan For Small Businesses Cover?

This is a great question to determine if you should read further. Throughout this post, you’ll find my tips and solutions to help almost all small businesses in the United States. For my friends in other countries, you should use these ideas to research your local options. Even though you may have read all of this on SBA.gov or heard all about it on the news, THIS POST CONTAINS MY RECOMMENDATIONS THAT I AM GIVING TO MY CONSULTING CLIENTS. T

HIS IS THE LIST I AM ALSO SENDING THEM! I WANT TO HELP YOU ALL OUT FOR FREE! YOU NEED TO HANG IN THERE AND KEEP YOUR BUSINESS AFLOAT! I have been where you are. I have four businesses myself! Fortunately, thanks to the 2007/2008 economic impact, most of my business is technological or digital but my businesses service other small brick & mortar or service businesses that are SHUT DOWN!
1. How Can I Cut Expenses During the Coronavirus Pandemic?
2. Which Small Business Software Are Offering Reduced Rates or Free Software?
3. What Are Sites Like Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, Pinterest, & Twitter Offering Small Businesses During COVID-19?
4. How Is The Government Supporting My Small Business?
5. Which SBA Loans Are Available For My Business?
6. When Will I Get The Payroll Protect Program Money Into MY Bank Account?
7. Which Other Support Options Should You Consider For Your Small Business During Coronavirus?

Free Consulting Advice For Your Small Business During The Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic

Why Should You Listen To Me, Business Consultant Christi Tasker?

I realize that you have probably done a lot of exploring trying to figure out the whole Payroll Protection Program and which loans and grants can put cash in your bank account quickly  I understand…YOUR BUSINESS IS YOUR LIVELIHOOD AND IT NEEDS TO SURVIVE OTHERWISE YOUR FAMILY MAY NOT EAT NEXT WEEK! As a small business of four different companies, not counting my the three companies my husband owns, we are all in this together. KNOW YOU ARE NOT ALONE!!! As a business consultant and business owner, you must get this right!

Typically, I charge more than attorney’s rates for my services because they make people money! IN THIS BLOG POST,  I AM GIVING YOU FREE BUSINESS ADVICE TO KEEP YOUR SMALL BUSINESS ALIVE DURING THE CORONAVIRUS PANDEMIC! If you’re like many, you may be asking WHY? The answer is simple: I am an American patriot and I consult with everyone from Fortune 500 CEOs to small start-up brands. I want to see your small business survive and thrive. I want to keep our artists afloat.

If you know me, you know I’m all about HELPING OTHERS and you can skip the next section and scroll to Small Business Software Services Discounting Rates Because of COVid-19 (Coronavirus)

If you don’t know me, I’ve laid out the next little briefing about myself for you. Typically I don’t do this, because I despise people that sell themselves. I am not selling myself, I cannot take on more consulting clients at the moment, but I genuinely want to help you so here goes…

It’s Nice To E-meet You! I am Christi Tasker, NBC News Social Media Expert. 

I have the privilege of working with, consulting and interviewing some of the coolest creative people in the world including Kathy Ireland, The Property Brothers, Travel Channel’s Doc Phineas Kenneth Kastler, Dee Frazier of the interior design blog D’KOR HOME. There’s lots more for creatives coming up on a new interior design informational site I’m working on.

Who Is Christi Tasker? What Small Businesses & Industries Is She Familiar With?

Click here to read about me and see my business timeline – it’s not completely current but it will surely validate that I’ve been in business a long time. I didn’t just start a “coaching business” or become an entrepreneur or influencer yesterday. I’ve been successful and I have the awards and NBC News notoriety to prove it. I’ve been through the crisis of 2007/2008 and this one has soooo many more opportunities. Watch this interview when I was the NBC interviewee

Throughout this post, you will learn HOW TO SAVE YOUR SMALL BUSINESS & REDUCE YOUR EXPENSES IN THE CORONAVIRUS COVid-19 SHUTDOWN. There are hundreds of ways to save most small businesses money, even amid a pandemic. Believe it or not, I’m telling my clients to consider the slow down a blessing instead of a curse.

While we’re all locked in, many of us working from home, please take a moment to review my list of the many ways small businesses can cut back on expenses without changing a lot. If you’re one of those proud folks afraid of asking for help….stop reading now! You won’t be happy with my tips.

For the business owners reading this who want to save your company during the process read on. Throughout this post, you’ll learn multiple ways to save money including:

Small Business Software Services Discounting Rates Because of COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

1. Call or email Quickbooks support & ask for a bill reduction.

Quickbooks will cut your bill by 60% for the next two or three months. All you have to do is ask. Then, be sure to put a calendar reminder on to call them in two months to ask for an extension. Click here to sign up or contact Quickbooks to reduce the cost of your monthly subscription.

2.Sellbrite or e-commerce streaming services solutions bill reduction.

Godaddy’s Sellbrite is an e-commerce management platform that I use for my ChristiTasker.com fashion & home decor e-commerce site. With one email asking for a reduction, Sellbrite graciously gave me 60% off my existing subscription.

3. Microsoft offers 6 months free of service for new users.

Really Microsoft, no discounts for current customers? Nope! Nothing makes me angrier than a company as big as Microsoft marketing to NEW customers during a pandemic. People take note of that! They are not offering anything to existing customers.

Honestly, if I were on Microsoft OneDrive or used Microsoft products I would immediately jump to Dropbox or Google Drive. Why? Because at least those two services treat everyone the same. Dropbox isn’t offering anything and Google is at least providing Google Ad credits.

#EnoughSaid especially considering that Bill Gates thinks we all need to be certified for future travel. Nah, Bill….you can drink another Diet Coke and eat pizza. Has anyone else heard that drinking diet sodas and eating processed meats causes an explosion in your brain? Just in case you’re interested, here’s a video explanation for those of you who consume diet sodas containing aspartame. 

Sorry for the rant. Microsoft and Bill Gates are trying to take advantage of marketing during such a vital time for small business owners who have made them what they are today.

Social Media Sites Offering Free Advertising, Services, or Grants To Small Business Owners

Below you’ll find solutions to how sites such as Facebook, Snapchat and Google are helping small businesses with free ads. Remember, in 2013, I posted this video on YouTube recommending all businesses advertise on social media. TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THE FREE ADVERTISEMENT OPPORTUNITIES BELOW. Watch this video to see why I recommended social media advertising then and now:

4. Facebook Offering $100 Million In Small Business COVID-19 Grants

Up to 30,000 eligible small businesses in more than 30 countries where we operate will be able to receive the grant. To be eligible to apply, you must:

5. Facebook Offers Small Business’s Facebook Ad Credits.

Use the link above and apply for the Facebook Small Business Ad Credits. Rumors have it that you’ll either get a cash grant or ad credits. It will be very interesting to see if all 30,000 eligible small businesses receive $100 million in small business COVID-19 Grants.

6. Snapchat Offers Small Businesses Ad Credits.

Snapchat is offering small businesses a $100 Advertising Credit. You do not have to be a current Snapchat user. If you are interested in more information about this, follow PuTTin’ OuT on social media @PuTTinOuT – we will be updating this post as soon as details are released.

7. Google Offers Small Businesses $340 Million In Ad Credits

Google made this statement about helping small businesses with advertising credits, “We want to help alleviate some of the cost for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) to stay in touch with their customers during this challenging time. That’s why we’re giving our SMBs worldwide $340 million in ad credits, which can be used at any point until the end of 2020 across our Google Ads platforms. SMBs who have been active advertisers since the beginning of 2019 will see a credit notification appear in their Google Ads account in the coming months. This is part of a larger commitment from Google to support SMBs, health organizations and governments, and health workers on the frontline of this global pandemic.”

Which Small Businesses Are Eligible for Google Ad Credits & When Will They Show Up?

  • The ad credits will be available to small and medium businesses, who advertise directly with Google or through Google Advertising partners, around the world with active accounts since the beginning of 2019.
  • Credits will be provided to SMB advertisers that have been active advertisers since Jan 1, 2019, and comply with all Google Ads T&Cs.
  • You will be informed in the coming months through notifications within their Google Ads account.
  • This Google Ads credit can be used at any point throughout the year and will expire on 31st Dec 2020. Any unused portion will be removed from Google Ads accounts.
  • These ad credits will be applicable across the Google Ads platform including Search, Display, and YouTube as well as all campaign types.
  • Advertisers receiving ad credits will be notified in the coming months. Google is in the process of building these specialized credits into Google Ads accounts, therefore notifications will not show immediately.

How To Find Coronavirus (COVID-19) Grants Available For Your Small Business

8. Search for Grants In Your State, City, or Region.

Go online and simply search for “COVID19 Small Business Grant MIAMI” or “COVID19 Business Grant Florida”. You’ll need to mix up your city, state, and region name with both “COVID19” and “Coronavirus”.

How To Apply For Federal Government & SBA Loans For Your Small Business

9. Apply for SBA Government forgivable loans, Payroll Protection Program & Economic Injury Disaster Loans

Being a southern girl, nothing was handed to me. Asking for help was where it ended. Asking for money was like asking an ugly question with a lot of F-bombs. Taking money from the government was stealing. Even with my first jobs I purposely filled out tax forms so the government would take enough so that I would get a refund. My tax refund was my savings! How stupid was I?

Do not let be like me and DO NOT LET YOUR PRIDE GET IN THE WAY. Chase the bone and apply for these government loans which are completely forgiven if you STAY IN BUSINESS! Are you experiencing a loss of revenue? YES! We all are. Get yours back! Because of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, small business owners in all U.S. states, Washington D.C., and territories are eligible to apply for an Economic Injury Disaster Loan advance of up to $10,000. Get your $10,000 NOW! Call your congressman if they fail to pass the extra funds President Trump is asking for! This loan advance will not have to be repaid per SBA.gov

First… visit the SBA.gov Coronavirus Relief Fund Options and apply for the following loans first:

Who is eligible for SBA (EIDL) Economic Injury Disaster Loan?

In response to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) EIDL, the Economic Injury Disaster Loan is available to small business owners in all U.S. states, Washington D.C., and territories. The EIDL, Economic Injury Disaster Loan advance of up to $10,000 but the beauty of this loan is that this loan advance will not have to be repaid!!! What?!?! How is it a LOAN? Great question! But according to SBA.gov and all of President Trump’s White House press briefings encourage all small businesses to apply. As of yesterday, April 13th,

Terms of Economic Injury Disaster Loan

  • Any small business with less than 500 employees (including sole proprietorships, independent contractors and self-employed persons), private non-profit organization or 501(c)(19) veterans organizations affected by COVID-19.
  • Businesses in certain industries may have more than 500 employees if they meet the SBA’s size standards for those industries.
  • The Economic Injury Disaster Loan advance funds claim they will be made available within days of a successful application, and this loan advance will not have to be repaid. None of my clients, and there’s a lot, and my businesses and brands which include four qualifying brands have not received a penny to date.
  • Frequently Asked Questions for Faith-Based Organizations Participating in the Paycheck Protection Program and the Economic Injury Disaster Loan Program If you are the board of your church or a non-profit, please read this section.

To apply for a COVID-19 Economic Injury Disaster Loan and loan advance, .

SBA Express Bridge Loans  

Express Bridge Loan Pilot Program allows small businesses who currently have a business relationship with an SBA Express Lender to access up to $25,000 quickly. These loans can provide vital economic support to small businesses to help overcome the temporary loss of revenue they are experiencing and can be a term loan or used to bridge the gap while applying for a direct SBA Economic Injury Disaster Loan. If a small business has an urgent need for cash while waiting for decision and disbursement on an Economic Injury Disaster Loan, they may qualify for an SBA Express Disaster Bridge Loan.

SBA Express Bridge Loan Terms

    • Borrow up to $25,000
    • Fast turnaround
    • Will be repaid in full or in part by proceeds from the EIDL loan

SBA Debt Relief & How It Works

Do you have a small business loan issued or backed by SBA.gov? If not, you can skip this section as SBA Debt Relief is only available to existing SBA borrowers. For current SBA Serviced Disaster (Home and Business) Loans: If your disaster loan was in “regular servicing” status on March 1, 2020, the SBA is providing automatic deferments through December 31, 2020.

As part of SBA’s debt relief efforts: 

  • The SBA will automatically pay the principal, interest, and fees of current 7(a), 504, and microloans for a period of six months.
  • The SBA will also automatically pay the principal, interest, and fees of new 7(a), 504, and microloans issued before September 27, 2020.
  • The SBA will automatically pay the principal, interest, and fees of current 7(a), 504, and microloans for a period of six months. The SBA will also automatically pay the principal, interest, and fees of new 7(a), 504, and microloans issued before September 27, 2020.
  • For additional details visit: SBA Debt Relief 

When will Small Business Owners Receive SBA Loans or Payroll Protection Program Payments?

10. The Stimulus Checks For Each Individual Are Different Than SBA Loans or Payroll Protection Program 

According to yesterday’s press conference with Steve Mnuchin, over 80 million Americans will get regular $1200 stimulus checks by direct deposit this Wednesday (tomorrow). If you do NOT get your payment by Wednesday, go to IRS.gov. If you do not see your stimulus check or did not have to file income taxes in 2018 or 2019, please visit the IRS.gov to ensure your information for direct deposit is correct. Plus if you Watch the interview below to hear his full statement.

The Payroll Protection Program Loans Being Disbursed

He claims that over $230 Billion of the Small Business loans have been 4,600 lenders. He said that EVERY LOAN WOULD BE PROCESSED THIS WEEK! Tip: Make sure you have filed your 2018 Business Taxes. 

What Documents Will You Need To Apply For The Payroll Protection Program

I made a request to apply on Wells Fargo on April the 6th which was the first option I saw to apply via my online banking sign in.

Per my Wells Fargo email this morning, they stated:

All applications for the Paycheck Protection Program will be online only. We will continue to send you email updates frequently so you are informed on the status of your request to apply for the PPP through Wells Fargo. If you can apply through Wells Fargo, we will email you a link to start the application process. We are working through the queue in the order in which customers submitted their initial interest. Our branch and call center teams aren’t able to answer any questions about this status.

What you will need to submit an application
You will be asked to provide supporting documentation, such as

  • Payroll tax filings
  • Payroll Tax form 941
  • Form 1099-Misc
  • Income and expenses from a sole proprietorship

You may be able to apply elsewhere
You remain in our queue. However, since there is a limited amount of funds approved by the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) for the Paycheck Protection Program, we want you to be aware of your options. You may want to apply elsewhere to increase your chances of receiving a loan before the funds run out. Visit the SBA website to find a full list of participating lenders you can contact.

Keep in mind that each business may only receive one loan through the Paycheck Protection Program.

We will continue to keep you updated through email. Small businesses are the heart and soul of America, and we are committed to helping you navigate through this time.

BIG LESSON I LEARNED: Where Not To Apply For The Payroll Protection Program

Do Not Apply For PPP Through A Large Bank Like Wells Fargo, Bank of America, CitiBank or JP Morgan

Even President Trump has made several mentions to apply through a local bank because they are able to process applications much faster. Think this is because the large banks are corrupt and owned by the Chinese communist party? No one has confirmed that but you’d think we would wise up and go local with our most important assets. That is the big lesson  Plus, most of the large banks are slow to move for small businesses. While I appreciate Wells Fargo’s emails, I do not appreciate the mass delay in processing applications. Next week, a lot of small businesses will tremendously suffer if they can’t meet payroll or at least a reduced payroll.

In Closing, Please Comment Below If You Have Questions About COVID19 Small Business Loans or Grants

I hope this information has helped steer you in the right direction. Drop a comment below if you have questions. I’ll do my best to answer your questions or write another post or update this post with the new information.

How Can You Repay Me for the Free COVID19 Small Business Loans or Grant Advice?

It’s simple….share it with someone else. This information is not compiled or easy to find. Many news organizations are downright HIDING! They would rather make you fearful that help you.

Remember to pin this to your Pinterest board, share it with a friend who has a small business or share it with your social media audience. AND…if you really LOVED it, please leave me a 5-Star Review on Google, Yelp, or leave a recommendation on my Linkedin profile. 

List Of Covid-19 Coronavirus Small Business Loans &Amp; Grants Available

Other COVID-19 Small Business Advice Blog Posts I’m Working On Now:

Comment below to tell me which topic is most helpful to your small business right now:

  1. Which Softwares To Use To Work From Home
  2. COVID-19 Coronavirus Small Business Grants Available To Female Entrepreneurs
  3. Small Business Grants For Artists Experiencing COVID-19 Business Losses

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Christi Tasker

Christi Tasker

Award-Winning Tech Exec & Social Media Expert Seen On NBC News

Globally recognized as one of the first females in technology, Christi’s first won awards for interior design & retailing. As a digital media marketing motivational speaker & analytical creative brand director, Christi Tasker specializes in merging technology with human interactions to universally create better consumer experiences. Shop Christi Tasker see her Travel Tips & Best Interior Design Blogs. View her branding work on our sister company site Tasker Agency.

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Latest Post

christi tasker
Christi Tasker
Award-Winning Tech Exec & Social Media Expert Seen On NBC News

Globally recognized as one of the first females in technology, Christi’s first won awards for interior design & retailing. As a digital media marketing motivational speaker & analytical creative brand director, Christi Tasker specializes in merging technology with human interactions to universally create better consumer experiences. Shop Christi Tasker see her Travel Tips & Best Interior Design Blogs. View her branding work on our sister company site Tasker Agency.

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